Wainuiomata Bike Park

Wainuiomata Bike park has a whole network of trails open to everyone, mountain bikes, walkers and trail runners. If you are walking or trail running these trails though, be careful to make way for mountain bikes and keep off the expert level downhill trails (for your safety).

Map of the Wainuiomata Bike Park trail route

When we visited the bike park, we chose a series of trails to make up a nice 5-6 km loop.

We started at the main car park and headed up a track called Jungle Gym. This is a 2-way track, so you will need to watch out for bikes in both directions (although most will be going up this track). This track is approximately 2 km long and is a gentle up-hill grade.

At the top of this track you will come out onto the main ECNZ Pylon track. There are several different routes you can go from here, but we chose to go along a track called Labyrinth. Before continuing onto the Labyrinths track though, we decided to make a slight detour and check out the lookout. To get to the lookout, you just need to walk across the bridge and head up to the top of the hill (it’s not far to get to – maybe 150 meters). There are some great views of Wellington harbour, as well as looking out at the whole Wainuiomata bike park.

The start of the Labyrinth track is on the right just before you come out onto the ECNZ. If you do find yourself on the ECNZ road, you just need to head back the way you came, and the track will be immediately on your left.

Jungle Gym and Labyrinth elevation profiles

About 150 meters into this track you will come across a fork. You will need to take the left fork to stay on the Labyrinth track. The right fork takes you onto the Snail trail, which the Labyrinth track will eventually lead back onto.

If you want a shorter walk/run with less ascent, you could take this right fork down snail trail, this will probably cut out 1-1.5 km from the total distance. If you take the left fork to continue onto the Labyrinth track, you will find it gets a bit steeper in places, although it is mostly a gentle grade. The Labyrinth track is mainly up-hill till you get to the Labyrinth hub (where you can access other trails from), before it continues down a fast flowing down-hill track. The total distance of the Labyrinth track is 1.7 km, although about 1 km of this is the up-hill section to the hub.

Snail Trail at Wainuiomata bike park

At the end of the Labyrinth track, you will need to turn left onto the Snail trail. This 1 km trail is all down-hill and will take you to the half way point on the Wetlands loop track.  When you get to the end of the snail trail, you will get to the junction to the Wetlands loop.

The Wetlands loop is a nice easy 2 km track which starts and ends at the main car park. When joining the loop from Snail trail, it will be about 1 km to get back to the car park in either direction. You can go either way to return to the car park. We decided to turn left, as there is a nice boardwalk section on this half of the track.

Snail trail and Wetland loop elevation profiles

The Wetlands loop is a 2-way track, so you need to watch out for bikes in both directions, especially children, as this is a beginner’s trail. When you do get to the boardwalk section on the trail, you need to be mindful that it is narrow in places and you need to give way to bikes in the designed passing sections.

After the boardwalk section you will pass several turnings on the left which leads to other tracks. If you keep heading right at all these junctions, you will eventually come out in the field next to the car park.

Here we have detailed just 1 loop you can do at the Wainuiomata bike park. There are so many more loops and tracks you can check out in the bike park. This is what makes coming here so good, each time you can explore different trails and different areas of the park.

You can explore all of the trails in the bike park here: https://www.trailforks.com/region/wainui-trail-project-wtp/