Korokoro Dam Trail

Trail run to Korokoro dam in Belmont Reginal park, Wellington!
Rob ran with me on this run helping to push me on the more difficult sections. He was keeping me company while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

We start this run from the Cornish Street entrance near Petone. There was quite a few cars today as I think a lot of people were thinking the same as us and making trying to make the most of the warm spring sun!

Map of trails within Belmont Regional Park
Map of all the trails within Belmont Regional Park!

The first couple of km’s I really struggled. I had set off a bit too quickly before I had managed to warm up properly. I also forgot that the route to the Dam is a slight incline all the way. It does mean that the return journey back to the car is a mainly downhill run! Definitely something to look forward to!

About half way there, we got to a bridge which crosses stream and follows the stream to the dam. It is a nice narrow sheltered piece of track under the trees, the nearer we got to the dam.

We arrive at Korokoro Dam!

Dam at the end of the trail
Korokoro Dam

It didn’t take up too much longer till we got to another bridge with some steps immediately after. We had arrived at the bottom of the dam! We stopped here to take some great photos of the water cascading down the dam. I highly recommend stopping here before heading up to the top of the dam towards the duck pond.
We continued up the next set of steps to the open picnic area and a viewing platform.

Duck pond at the end of the trail above the dam

At this point I had a nice break to enjoy the warm sunny weather and the amazing scenery. Rob continued on his trail run to make up a bit more distance for his training. I was totally fine with this as it’s such a nice place to sit and enjoy nature!
Once Rob got back, we ran back up to the bottom of the dam. We started to make our way along the trail towards the car.

The first part of the run back to the car is such a nice flowy trail. We really got some good running in here while enjoying the stream flowing next to us.

Flowy trail next to the river

At the half way point on the way back we crossed over to the other side of the stream. There are a few steeper sections to get over but most of it was flat or downhill. It didn’t take too much longer to get back to the start pont and back to the carpark!

I would recommend this trail to anyone who is new to trail running. A nice introductory, less technical trail to practice on.
A video of this trail can be found on the PuddlePounce YouTube channel.