Remutaka incline
Well I decided that I really needed to try push out my distance a bit as I seemed to just be doing 16km runs or less lately.
So I thought the ideal place to do this would be the Rimutaka incline track up to the summit and back, which would be 20km with a gentle hill climb as well.
As usual for my long runs, I was trying to keep my heart rate in the aerobic zone, but I was struggling really bad trying to keep it down that low, no matter how slow I ran (unless I walked, which would defeat the whole point of trying to get in a training run)

This was probably my first long run which I have done on my own so was really trying to keep myself self motivated and pushing myself forward all the way. I stopped to take photos on the way up to the summit, to try keep me occupied and get me through the hardest parts of the run.
On the way back down I was trying to keep focused and keep ticking off the km markers, telling myself how far I had gone and that I was over half way.
The last 3kms was the hardest, I kept trying to work out whether I should turn around at the end and do a bit extra so I would get to the half marathon distance or not, but as I was approaching the car park, my ankles were really starting to get sore, so decided to end it there before I did any real damage.
I am really proud of myself for doing the distance and pushing myself while running on my own.

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