Orongorongo to big bend
So I wanted to try running the length of the Orongorongo track and carry on to the end of big bend. I have walked this route several times and have seen several people running it so I thought i would be a good route.
Well, it was a lot harder than I thought it would.
It started out as a really cold morning so was hard to try get warmed up at the start of the run, but with the big hill just out of the car park, I soon got to a comfortable temperature.
For this run, I was trying to keep myself in aerobic zone (below 145) but I was really struggling to keep my heart rate this low, esp with all the hills involved on the first part of this track. One thing I didn’t realise at the time, when you are running out on the Orongorongo, it is all on a slight incline, so you are slowly gaining elevation. I did enjoy this part of the track though, I saw a couple of people along the way, but mostly it was just me running through the trees.

After the steep down hill to the river, the track got more technical but way more fun. I really enjoyed this part of the track, even though I was still walking the up hills, just because it was on a smaller track and there was no other people around.
I would like to say here that I was running this route on my own as my husband had run on ahead so he could complete a bigger loop at his faster pace.
After a particular technical muddy section, I was surprised to see someone come towards me on the trail, only to find it was my husband. He had aborted his mission as it was just to steep and he wasn’t feeling too good so decided to turn around and come run with me instead.
We finally got to the end of big bend and had a break to take some photos before turning back and heading back to the car.

The run back to the car was way easier, partly because I had company, and partly because it was mainly all on a slight down hill gradient (apart from the big hill up from the river).
This is an awesome track for running and one I will definitely be back on to try practice increasing my fitness level.