Mangahao track
We decided to try out a new track in the north of the Tararuas and so decided on a track we had been originally looking to hike in summer.
The road there was pretty long and quite rutted but was driveable. When we got to the dam, we found we were the only people crazy enough to attempt the track in winter as there was no-one else around.

The track itself was very technical, way more than we first thought it would be, meaning there was a lot more walking needed to scramble over roots and up hills. It was also really muddy so had to constantly watch our footing.
There were several water crossings on the route, most were small streams and we got to see plenty of waterfalls along the way, which really cheered me up.
We made it to just over 4km before we decided to turn around and head back, as we had already been out for over an hour and the weather looked like it was starting to turn for the worst.
This was a much more advanced trail than we first thought, way above our current level, but it really opened up our eyes to what we had to work towards to be able to eventually run these types of trails.
It was a real learning curve and I got to practice some valuable trail running techniques asking the way.
All in all, a good day out!

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